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The creation story of the VibroDeck


The VibroDeck was born when its creator, Danny Rhodes, saw the need to offer the opportunity of Vibroacoustic therapy to more people by hosting group meditations and combining modalities such as yoga, transformation breathwork, somatic release, energy healing, and traditional sound bath.

The VibroDeck resonates the low music frequencies while the mid and high frequencies are enjoyed through headphones or stereo speakers.  Both the VibroDeck Home and VibroDeck Studio models are designed to be used with a yoga mat or a 2" foam pad for the versatility of your mindfulness practices.  

The low frequencies help to stimulate the nervous system putting you in a parasympathetic response of rest & relaxation. The VibroDeck is great for adding to your practices such as Yoga, breathwork, somatic release, energy work, Kundalini activation, a variety of integration processing, intimate connections and chilling with friends.

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