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About Us

Welcome to Sonic Mountain Vibroacoustic Studio, where we believe that the body has an innate ability to transform through consciousness, energy, and vibration. Our studio is dedicated to healing, personal growth, and transformation. Here, you will experience the power of sound as it creates waves of relaxation throughout the body, helping you attain deep relaxation, clarity, and renewed focus. The experienced practitioner is versed in various sound & frequency modulations and will create a safe, nurturing space for your transformational journey.

Sonic Mountain Vibroacoustic Studio is located in Truckee, California. We specialize in vibroacoustic therapy, which combines sound vibrations and frequencies to promote deep rest, relaxation, energy alignment, and brain wave coherence. Our therapy lounge is specially designed and calibrated with tonal soundscapes to restore the harmonious flow of life force energy and enhance overall well-being. In addition to vibroacoustic therapy, we also offer chakra alignments, brain wave entrainment, emotional balancing, and deep meditative states for consciousness expansion. We aim to provide a wide range of holistic services to support your well-being.

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