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VibroDeck Studio

Introducing the VibroDeck an immersive experience to add to your practice. Designed to enhance your home or studio practice, each unit is equipped with two sonic transducers that resonate the bass frequencies of music throughout the body. Whether you're doing yoga, breathwork, somatic release, meditation, in need of a nervous system reset, or simply chilling with friends and connecting with heart-centered frequency, the VibroDeck Studio will elevate your experience to a whole new level. Get ready to feel the music like never before as you immerse yourself in the powerful vibrations of vibroacoustic therapy.


The audio system is included in a purchase of a single VibroDeck Studio and will operate up to two units, and can be sold as a pair for a $300 savings.  If you are looking for more than two customizable audio equipment upgrades are available.  If you'd like to order a pair or a customized set please contact or inquire about a discovery call through Contact Us.


The VibroDeck Studio can be used as a single unit or be cusomtized to be linked together creating a series of units to host personal and professional immersion experiences.  Each VibroDeck is made with high integrity acoustical plywood and are easlably stacked when not in use.


Please NOTE: All orders are manufactured to ordered and our average lead time is two weeks.  Once order is placed our team will contact you through email to give you a more accurate estimated time of delivery.


  • Size- Length 76", Width 34", Height 3 3/4"
  • Weight 48 lbs.
  • 2 ea. 50 watt tactile transducers (Frequency Response: 10-80 Hz)
  • Speak-on Cables and connectors 
  • Powered AMP & auxiliary cables
  • AKG K361Headphones (15Hz–28kHz frequency response)
  • Four port headphone AMP mounted on slide board
  • Water based whitewash finish (color customizable please Contact Us) 
  • Free Shipping (within the United States)


Upgrades (Please contact for a quote):

  • Upgrade Power amp to operate more than four VibroDecks
  • Dj Podium (custom designed to fit your needs)
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • High Proformance headphones
  • Tube Amp (adds warmth to the music)
  • High Proformance Stereo System

VibroDeck Studio

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